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Aspire to Inspire to Make a Difference!
Aspire to Inspire to Make a Difference!

Dear Parents and Students,

     I am so sad to leave Cotaco after 15 years in this community.  My family will be moving to Nashville in June. I will miss all my students dearly and will come back for a day in the fall to celebrate.  All movies are on Kigginstag.weebly.com and YouTube.  I have so enjoyed my time here and will keep in touch. Friend me on FaceBook at Paula Kay Wright Kiggins.  Please welcome our new TAG teacher and do great exploits for Morgan County!


Paula Kiggins



Check Out "It Ain't Cool To Be Cruel"

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2015 TAG Movies




Cotaco TAG Schedule


  • Morning Announcement Team for Elementary Announcements every morning
  • Math Teams K-5 to meet every other Friday in Elementary Cafeteria
  • Stock Market Teams to meet every Tuesday
  • 4th Grade TAG meets Wednesday from 8:00-11:00
  • 5th Grade TAG meets Wednesday from 11:40-2:40
  • 6th Grade TAG meets Thursday from 11:40-2:40
  • 3rd Grade TAG meets Friday from 8:00-11:00
  • 2nd Grade Childfind on Friday afternoons
  • 7-8 Grade TAG meets the 4th Friday of the month during Club Schedule

2nd Grade Childfind Schedule

  • Beginning the last Friday of August, 2nd Grade Classrooms begin 2014-15 Childfind.  I share six lessons utilizing literature, poetry, music and math activities as students design drawing starts (squiggle line drawings), work on figural analogies/logic puzzles and create writing samples.
  • During the month of January, 2nd grade teachers make their 2nd grade referrals for TAG based upon observations, work samples created during those TAG visits, and a TABs Teacher Checklist total score.
  • Students referred for screening will take home Consent for Testing forms and once those signed forms are returned, testing will begin.  Morgan County TAG teachers begin testing with the NNAT2 which is a non-verbal test including pattern completion, reasoning with analogies, serial reasoning and spacial visualization. Several other tests are administered by the TAG teacher including the Slossan, Sage and Torrance. County Psychometrists also administer a variety of other tests to help determine eligibility. Eligible students will attend a Gifted Education Plan meeting with parent and will begin TAG classes the following Fall.



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